1975 Chevy top end rebuild
250 inline 6 cylinder

Heads1.JPG (70406 bytes)
Dover Heads in Atlanta rebuilt my heads and did the valves.

H&B1.JPG (64046 bytes)
Torque the Heads

first crank.JPG (64351 bytes)
She runs again.

runnin.JPG (49573 bytes) 
running fine.

Red1.JPG (74278 bytes) 
My Truck.
Red, a 1975 Chevy custom deluxe.


Heads2.JPG (57511 bytes)
They do good work.  They earned a spot on our Links page.

H&B&R.JPG (62786 bytes)
Rocker arm and pushrods.

RedSmiles.JPG (43026 bytes)
Red Smiles for the camera.

Red2.JPG (68836 bytes) 
My $400 Chevy truck.

Red3.JPG (76532 bytes) 
No Smoke, No leaks.


Block2.JPG (66663 bytes)
Block ready for heads.  Waited all week (Sat-Fri) for AutoZone to get the gaskets.

H&B&R4.JPG (50879 bytes)
Remove distributor cap and adjust rockers.

AlmostThere.JPG (56335 bytes)
Almost good as new.

temp2.JPG (44387 bytes) 
If she runs hotter than 180, Stop and let her cool down.

Red4.JPG (71784 bytes) 
Like all Rednecks,
I love my Truck.